Sunday, January 15, 2012

pulled pork sandwiches

icky picky rating: ***

This one is a new favorite! I found it on Pinterest and thought it looked easy enough we tried it and it passed with flying colors. I was a little hesitant because I had NEVER used my crock-pot before, and it seemed kinda gross cooking it with ROOTBEER. And the thought of pulling apart meat did make me gag a little bit. But I was brave and gave her a try and it was not only SUPER easy, but it is SUPER yummy as well!! AND it is good for leftovers. Can't go wrong with that.

You will need:

A crock-pot
1 Boneless Pork Tenderloin (1 - 2 lbs)
1 Can of Rootbeer
BBQ Sauce
Hamburger Buns

I usually only do a 1# tenderloin and it makes enough for about 6-8 sandwiches, depending on how much you put on your sandwich. I don't like to heap on too much because the thought of biting through any meat is icky.

I take the pork and try to cut off all of the blatantly nasty white fatty parts. It is gross. But it needs to be done NOW because you don't want to have to bite {ack ack barf} into the fattiness later. It doesn't need to be VOID of all fat. But you don't want any big fatty parts.

Put the tenderloin in the crockpot.
This is what it looks like in the crockpot. Don't look too long at it or else you will start to think it looks too much like a long nasty cow tongue or a turkey neck and you won't want to eat it later.

Pour your RootBeer of choice over the pork.
I have only used A&W. We have a 12-pack in our pantry purely for pulled-pork usage only.

I know. It's weird. But seriously. Pour yo' rootbeer on yo' pork.

It looks pretty gross. It will look worse by the time you are done.

Then cover and cook on low for about 6 hours.

It will look like this. See, I told you it gets worse.
Just try not to look directly at it or breathe.

You need to get rid of the rootbeer now. I use a collander. And I leave the pork in the collander while I wipe out the crock-pot with a paper towel. I didn't take a picture of this part because I don't like the way big hunks of meat look.

Dump the pork back into the crock-pot and grab a couple of forks. It's time for the pork-pulling.
(It's ok to look again)

Time for the BBQ Sauce! I use Bulls-Eye Kansas City Style. I just randomly picked it - you can use whatever you like.

The 1st time I made it, I used the ENTIRE bottle. That was a mistake. Now I use about 1/3.
Mix it all up... it's finally ok to breathe again since you will just smell the BBQ sauce.

And serve on your bun of choice!
If you have time you can butter your buns and toast them in your broiler a little. Yum.
For authenticity, you will want to serve it on a cheapy paper plate.

And that, my friends, is a super easy, 4-ingredient, rootbeer, crock-pot, pulled-pork sandwich.

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