Sunday, March 20, 2011


Many of you are probably wondering WHY on earth a picky eater would have a food blog! Well, picky eaters like to eat, too! And sometimes it's hard finding a new recipe that you want to try. My whole family isn't picky, though, and I'm on the hunt to add some more recipes to our repertoire - recipes that satisfy both the picky and non picky, the young and the old :)

Not only am I a picky eater, but I am a HORRIBLE cook. I seriously burn something just about every time I cook. When I'm lucky it's just a side dish that we can do without, but more often then not we've ended up picking up a pizza because of my failure in the kitchen!

So here you go... here are some tried and true recipes that I LOVE and some new recipes - both good and bad. And most of them meet my "4 ingredients or less" rule... well, maybe not exactly, but usually a long list of ingredients scares me away!

Join me as I try to brave the culinary world!

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